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Front-end Update, Fee Distribution Pools, Emission Reduced, New Airdrop For Holders

1. Front end Update:

Our front-end development team is constantly improving our UI and working for all the updates. We wish to keep improving this aspect with time. We improved our logo too and our artists are already working on a special first exclusive Qi Swap NFT!

2. Fee Distribution Pool:

We introduced our new fee distribution function:

A part of the Deposit Fees we accumulated in our non-native pools will be gathered and shared at the end of each 2 weeks!

Stake your Qi-BUSD LPs and earn Qi-BNB LPs

Prize of Pool №1: 241 Qi-BNB…

Guy Wasserman: Hello hello, great to announce our starting AMA with Qi Swap Finance. Welcome onboard, hope you feel at home on this warming community! How do you feel ?

Aswad: Hello everybody! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to host our AMA on one of the nicest group around BSC. We are ready to answer your questions and introduce everybody to our protocol!

GW: Nice! Before we get to know Qi Swap and the new yield farming project you are bringing to ecosystem, I’d love to get to know the team behind Qi Swap. Is this your first…

Telegram PriceBot, Dapp Radar, vfat, New Farms, @BSC_Talks AMA and TechRate Audit.

Since the first update, many things happened and we wish to thank again our community and everybody who is constantly helping this project to grow!

Telegram Price Bot

You might have saw the Price Bot in our Telegram Channel. That is to get a quick approximation of the price at the moment. Alternatively those websites can be checked for charting:

Harvest Issue Fixed, Roadmap Added, RugDocs and a sweet response from the new fresh community!

First of all, we want to thank to all the early adopters that started promoting with us and that pushed us for quite a good start! We believe a strong community can take this project far if we work together.

Our Anti-Whale 0.5% transaction limit was a problem for people that wanted to harvest more than that. We whitelisted MasterChef so that issue is no longer there.

We also were posted on together with a review from their part. This can be checked here

Welcome to Qi Swap — Automatic Burn Liquidity Aquisition Token with Yield Farm, IFOs, NFTs and AMM on Binance Smart Chain.

Qi Token has a 10% fee on each transaction. 9% is going to be burned and 1% is going to be added to the liquidity pool of the token. On our dAPP there are many smart contracts where Qi token can be used to earn rewards.

We support CAKE V2 LPs.

Buy Qi:

!Use slippage 10%-11% and consider the Anti-Whale system if you are trying to buy high amounts.

Transfer Tax#

Burn Rate: 9% of transfer tax will be burned…


**Qi Swap** - Automatic Burn Liquidity Aquisition Token with Yield Farm, IFOs, NFTs and AMM on Binance Smart Chain.

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